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Feminized marijuana seeds will produce only female plants from which will produce the flower or the bud "the essential part of the plant" that contains THC.

Auto-flowering marijuana seeds are fast flowering strains that will flower automatically during any light cycle.

Regular marijuana seeds are seeds that are not feminized, they may also contain a certain percentage of male seeds.

Determine your favorite strain type, effects, ratings and more. All seeds are inspected and hand picked to be mature and viable. Once you visit MMAD Hydroponics we can provide you with printed results taken by SALVATION BOTANICAL LABORATORY REPORTS on a per strain basis. Breakdown of lab results can be viewed per strain, and show percentages for the following compounds: CBG - CBD - CBD-A - CBN - THC - CBC - THC-A.

Below you will find world class seed breeders

Barney's Farm: Breeder Barney's Farm has been active in the business since the 80's. The high quality and stable genetics have won many Cannabis Cup awards over the years.

Big Buddha Seeds: The founder of Big Buddha Seeds had travelled all around the world gathering unique genetics before he started his company in the UK. One of their most recognized strains is Big Buddha Cheese (BBC), the UK's number #1 strain.

Bulldog: 35 years after having establishing the very first cannabis coffeeshop in the world, The Bulldog decided to team up with some of the world's leading cannabis seed breeders to establish The Bulldog Seeds. The Bulldog Seed Company is now offering a selection of 12 of the finest feminized marijuana seed to be found in circulation today and all at very reasonable prices.

CBD Crew Seeds: The CBD Crew is a joint venture between Mr. Nice Seedbank and Resin Seeds aimed at producing cannabis seeds rich in Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD which is a non-intoxicating substance in cannabis and is of use to medicinal cannabis users.

Devil's Harvest Seeds: This seedbank is from Amsterdam

Dinafem: The Spanish seed bank Dinafem was established in 2002. Dinafem is specialized in feminized seeds and uses a special crash proof package to ensure problem-free delivery of seeds.

Dutch Passion: Dutch Passion has been developing, upgrading, producing and selling Cannabis seeds since 1987, making them one of the first of a long line of Dutch seed companies. In 1998 they made a major breakthrough in Cannabis seed technology, through the development of "feminized" Cannabis seeds. Under the right growing conditions these "feminized seeds" give rise to only female plants.

DNA Genetics: DNA Genetics started out growing in the late 80's in their home town Hollywood, California. They would collect seeds from friends and family, obtaining rare seeds from the best weed they could get at the time. In 2002 they moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In the years to follow, their seeds would win several awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Reserva Privada: Reserva Privada is a West Coast (USA) collective of breeders who until recently had no place to showcase their creations. Their range of seeds covers many unique strains that cannot be found anywhere else. All feminized of course.

Fast & Furious Seeds: The only brand with 100% feminized autoflowering that race towards the finish at top speed. Fast & Furious Seeds introduces a special selection of fast strains, bred for vigour and a taste worthy of champions. All strains are easy to grow and are both suitable for the novice and experienced growers.

Green House Seeds: Award-winning, world renowned cannabis genetics.

Strain Hunters: Strain Hunters Seed Bank is a new brand of cannabis seeds by the world's number #1 seed bank: Green House Seed Company.
About Strain Hunters - We are Arjan, Franco and Simon. In documentaries, they provide the value of the cannabis plant; how it can impact people in different historical, geographical, political and economical contexts, to make it socially acceptable. They have traveled the world hunting cannabis landraces in order to preserve them and share them with growers and breeders worldwide.
Strain Hunters are breeding award-winning strains starting from original inbred landrace material. They strive to share knowledge and awareness to fight the ignorance that surrounds cannabis and as an old man once told Arjan: "this plant has the power to overthrow governments and to change the world for the better!"

GreenLabel: In their crossings GreenLabel uses only the most vital and vigorous plants that nature provides them during their selections. Taste and potency are key factors in the development of new varieties, as are stable and uniform genetics.
Their seeds are guaranteed fresh and viable. They frequently check with retailers and their distributor to ensure the quality and freshness of their product. You can find more information on the GreenLabel website

Humboldt Seeds: In the 1960s, when cannabis cultivation became more popular in the United States, growers migrated from the big city to Humboldt, a more rural area. Humboldt county is located in California, 200 miles north of San Francisco. It's a discrete and protected area which provided the means to grow 100% organic. The Humboldt area quickly became a Mecca of cannabis culture and is to this day know for its high quality strains. Humboldt is in fact known for the highest quality outdoor cannabis in all the United States.

Medical Seeds: A Spanish seed bank with a selection of all feminized cannabis genetics, bred especially for their medicinal properties. This cannabis proves to relieve pain and anxiety and helps fight insomnia, among other afflictions.

Nirvana: Before Nirvana was officially established in 1995, its founder spent years travelling the globe and collecting the finest cannabis strains available. These strains were grown, cross-bred and developed into leading cannabis genetics.

Paradise Seeds: With over 15 years of cannabis growing and testing experience, Paradise Seeds is a very reputable Dutch seed bank, located in Amsterdam. Their products are for growers that demand only genuine and finest quality cannabis and marijuana seeds.

Royal Queen Seeds: After years of experience in the cannabis cultivation business, a team of Dutch growers started their own line of seeds: Royal Queen Seeds. They succeeded where many other growers failed - RQS has become very popular in a very short amount of time. Their aim is to provide their customers with quality feminized seeds for a very reasonable price.

Sensi Seeds: Sensi Seeds' genetics are consistently rated among the world’s best for over 30 years now. Guaranteed viable seeds.

Sensi Seeds White Label: Cannabis plants under this label all share the same trademark: they produce buds with an abundance of white glowing crystals. These strains are all proven to be white strains, guaranteeing a strong harvest!

Serious Seeds

Sweet Seeds: Sweet Seeds is one of the most well known seed companies from Spain. They won several cannabis prises for their seeds in and outside of Spain.

Vision Seeds: Based in the Netherlands, Vision has been selling quality cannabis seeds to satisfied customers since 1995. Top quality genetics, strains with a proven track record, the highest scores and best results; cannabis strains that stood the test of time.


According to Natural News: Back in 2700 BC, according to Chinese legend, the emperor Shen Nung, also known as Chen Nung, who was considered to be the Father of Chinese medicine discovered the healing properties of marijuana as well as other plants such as ginseng and ephedra.
Throughout history, the use of medical cannabis has also been linked to the ancient Egyptians, Persians, Greek civilizations, George Washington, Queen Victoria and even mainstream medicine by the 1840s.


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Choosing the Right Type of marijuana Seeds for You

Before you purchase cannabis seeds you should know that price is not always the most important factor. Cheap marijuana seeds are usually cheap for a reason, and some of the most likely reasons might be; you will experience a poor germination rate, possibly have hermaphrodites, or are just seeds that have been tossed around for decades and are outdated low level strains, "this is the norm", or the seeds might just not be viable for germinating.

If you are one of those people who has "in the past" grown from easily accessed locally tossed around seeds you know exactly what I am talking about! (a lot of time wasted for disappointing end results)

Most experienced growers choose strains that have both large yields and high THC content with a High or Low CBD (cannabidiol) rating "by preference" as well as CBN (cannabinol) levels in other words they only grow from select high quality seeds.

Growing marijuana from seeds rather than clones

There are benefits from growing marijuana from seed rather than from clones, one of which is the yield will be larger and the plants will be healthier. Growing your own cannabis plant from seed will assure you that you will only be getting the quality that you seek.

Growing from seed will enhance the control of your own marijuana supply rather than spending your time and hard earned money buying from outside sources. Most who grow from clones, aquire them from people that they trust but ignore the fact that for the seller, money is thier first priority, and quality control is either second or most likely nonexistent!

If you have "in the past" grown from clones, you know I speak the truth and you are most likely one of many that has had less than satisfactory results by purchasing clones that you were counting on for your medication, but ignored the fact that your purchase might already have a quality problem at this early stage that you WILL be dealing with in time. (From mites, aphids, bugs & mould to name a few) these are widly spread through clones! "Have you ever seen spider mites in a seed! :-0

Seeds are sold as and bought as a novelty and for collecting purposes only to preserve the genetics of cannabis seeds. The germination of cannabis seeds should only be for licensed growers. Please check your local laws prior to germination.

Moving forward for medical cannabis is now reflected by community-based responses to the suffering of critically and chronically ill Canadians who require cannabis as medicine.

As Canadians, we are well aware that in Canada they would sooner see you become a morphine junkie than smoke a free home grown herb to sooth your aches and pains, and why is this? This has become the accepted norm, as always the fortunate few keep lining their pockets on the misfortune of the many in need!

Ignore that statement if you’re proud of becoming a pharmaceutical guinea pig.

Important Note: Medical Cannabis is a Threat to the Pharmaceutical Industry.... Read more - Your Are Here -

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